Your Voice Your Child

New pregnancy book—Your Voice Your Child

As a mother or mother-to-be, guiding your child’s vocal and verbal skills can be a daunting task, but I am excited to announce that I have published a book to make it fun (and easier than you think) to succeed!


Starting in the womb—about 22 weeks into pregnancy—and continuing throughout your child’s development, it is your voice that is the most powerful influence on how your baby-to-be will later speak and sing.

In my new book, Your Voice Your Child, you will discover ways to equip your child for future excellence in her verbal and vocal skills by starting off with simple vocal activities that empower you to shape her innate capacity to learn how to express ideas without fear or self-consciousness, and to communicate with clarity and confidence.

“Everything starts in the home, and it is always in the home where either stellar or less than stellar vocal patterns are directly—or more often indirectly—taught.”


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