Mountain Fire Song

“Hold the Line,” by Joy Sikorski

Joy Sikorski Mountain Fire song image for Hold the LineI live in Idyllwild, California, where the Mountain Fire has been roaring for a week now. During Day 3 of the fire, a mandatory evacuation order took me out of my  community. I got out around 10pm with only what my car would hold. Little did I know that the fire had crossed the road where I drove out.  It was one of the most sobering experiences I have had in a long time. Surreal, actually.

Against difficult odds, hot weather and difficult to access rugged mountain terrain, the firefighters and support team have done an amazing job of holding the lines to keep our community safe.

We cannot go home yet, and even though I had no studio, keyboard or external microphone with which to create this piece, today I wrote this Mountain Fire Song, entitled “Hold the Line,” to express my gratitude to those who are holding the Mountain Fire lines for us and to encourage all who call Idyllwild home to continue to pray and send their most positive thoughts and energy to ensure the safety of our brave Mountain Fire firefighters and for the fire break lines to hold.

And even if you do not call Idyllwild home, this song speaks to anything that threatens your peace, your joy or your love of life.

Please share this song with anyone you think will be encouraged by it.

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If you cannot play it on your mobile device, my apologies. I have not yet been able to find a reliable audio player for responsive websites. I’ll keep working on that problem and if you have a solution for me, please let me know in the Comments area or on my Facebook page.  Thanks!


  1. Love this groove the flow and the contrast on your chorus! Not what I was anticipating! Fantastic!

    • I loved the words, the beat, the way it flowed, the chorus. It was simply beautiful and upbeat and I hope the fire fighters hear it! It should be blasted up into the mountains with a giant speaker!!!

      Love You!

      • Char-Char,
        Thanks for your encouraging words! I hope to sing it around the mountain soon.

        Miss you and look forward to seeing you again back East.


    • Thanks for your kind words, Shal. It was not at all what I expected to come out either! Fun stuff, this creativity thing, yes?
      All my best,

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