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I am currently working on a number of different original Joy Sikorski Music in the Moment projects.

Here is how I compose my original music: I sit at a piano or synthesizer and begin creating music; or I stand alone and compose with my voice. Or I do both at the same time. I literally perceive the music that is in the moment around me.

That may sound sort of Joy Sikorski Music-ish, which is to say that it may sound odd, but it is the only way I know how to describe what I do.

What Others Say

  • “Absolutely marvelous. You know how to deliver the show!” – Fyvush Finkel, Fox TV’s Boston Public and Picket Fences
  • “Her voice is hauntingly beautiful, touchingly unique and powerful beyond words.” – Michael Silversher, Grammy Award winner and Emmy Award nominee
  • “It’s like the way Beethoven or Schubert composed only you add the voice at the same time. Remarkably unique.” – Ira Fistell, KABC Talk Radio, L.A.
  • “It feels like a wondrous place.” – Brianna Tejada, 2nd grader
  • “Brilliant!” – Richard Fowkes, Former Exec. Vice President of Business Affairs, Motion Picture Group – Paramount Pictures
  • “When she sings, time seems to stand still and the world feels like a better place…audiences love her.” – Donna Gilbert, Emmy Award Winner
  • “Your music is beautiful.” – Tony Knowles, Former Governor of Alaska
  • “Your compassion for the human spirit and your music has transcended politics, wars and tragedy to touch the very souls of people in Alaska and around the world.” – Jerry Ward, Former Alaskan State Senator
  • “It’s truth on stage: a fascinating example of unique musical improvisation that requires total artistic vulnerability on the part of the player.” – John Sparks, Artistic Director, Academy for New Musical Theatre/L.A. and Theatre Building/Chicago
  • “It’s like being inside the mind of a composer when the creative process is taking place.” – Ron Balin M.A. – Mensa member, Educator and Businessman

How I Compose

Basically, I compose on the spot, both piano and voice or solo piano or solo voice. If it is not recorded, I do not remember the piece afterwards. Often I get shy when people ask me how I write my Joy Sikorski Music in the Moment because of this.

Perhaps my tagline for this site will help you to understand me a bit better.

I humorously say that I am a “multi-dimensional brain where every day sings new.” Or “I am a multi-dimensional, multi-fun, multi-cellular network.” If the truth be told — and this site is built to reveal the truth of who I am and what I do — that is what my Joy Sikorski Music in the Moment is all about: a multi-dimensional approach to composing.

I actually create music based on what is “sounded out” by the movement of molecules around me. And that includes what you, or anyone in the space around me, are “silently” sounding out.

This music comes from both the inside of me and outside of me and is based on what is literally going on at any given moment.

You can hear a sample of it from my Morning Peace Solo Piano Project on this page.

The music flows through me, without thought or preparation. I simply let it flow and I usually do not remember any of the music or words after I am done. In fact, the only way the music is made is for it to be recorded as I make it. Otherwise, it is usually lost forever.

Or, at best, it is released into the electromagnetic movement of the spheres forever. At any rate, unless it is recorded or you are in the room at the moment it happens, you won’t be able to ever hear it. In fact, I won’t even be able to ever hear it again.

Sounds odd, I know, but that is the truth of how I make music.

Everything moves in our world. Both the macro and micro parts of it: the stars, planets, galaxies, the cells, DNA and peptides. My music comes from all of that and more.

May my Joy Sikorski Music In The Moment calm and inspire you as you listen to a sample here.


  1. I recently lead a Yoga group in a call and response chant. Yes, something I volunteered for in a talent show. This was not just any chant. It was a very complex one – Patanjali – The invocation to BKS Iyengar classes. Also I did this while in Sirshasana – Yes, head stand! The voice that came through me was so powerful that my teacher encouraged me to study Vedic chanting – WOW. I though you should know since you’ve been the one who has taught me that I too could liberate my voice. Thank you Joy for all you do to bring greater Joy into the world.

    • Hi Christianne,

      Thank you for your kind words and for sharing what you are currently doing with your voice. I remember that upside-down and mountain singing lesson day in Idyllwild when you first felt the vibrations that are the root of an authentic and liberated voice.

      Please let me know if I can help you in any way as you continue to explore the full power of your voice!


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