Joy Sikorski Unplugged

I promised on Facebook that I would reveal myself and now I have begun.

There is just so much a person can do before she has to find a way to consolidate her gabzillion projects.

This site continues to work that consolidation into something sensible; and I plan to make it nothing but fun with my Joy Sikorski books, my Joy Sikorski music, my Joy Sikorski wellness and everything else I do.

My passion is to connect people with ineffable and intangible awe through my original music, writings (books/articles/poem) and personalized training. This gives people a sense of personal purpose and ease which then opens their body-mind-spirits to the possibility of living their own passion.

Ineffable intangible awe communicated through all that I do helps you to release your purpose. Together we heal the world.

A bit of me from my treasure trove of sayings:

  • If it ain’t fun I’m outta here!
  • Keep your pretty chin up
  • I live in reality…the unseen kind that Einstein talked about
  • Do you like to laugh at yourself? Good, we are now friends!
  • Cancer once bit me in the breast, but that never stopped me
  • Once upon a time I was called a “child prodigy”
  • Once upon a time that made life a hard act to follow, but no longer
  • Your authentic voice is the one I’m interested in
  • I write books and music most of the time
  • And I train people…to free their voices and live a life of wellness
  • The rest of the time I paint, hike, cook, stay away from cancer, love my kids and most everyone else
  • I will probably end up loving you if you laugh with me enough

    Joy Sikorski book Singing Through Life

    Joy Sikorski book


  1. Lois Sheppard says

    Greetings to you, Joy…
    I loved our meeting-of- friends by the Tahquitz Road meadow last week (me with Leandra, you with Patty and Bear), and when I saw Marilyn O’Conner Beauschene on Friday morning to play duets, she mentioned seeing you too. It’s all those great circles of friendship and music (and dogs) that I treasure in my visits to Idyllwild. I’ll be back for the Plein Air events this Thursday through Sunday, so if you and/or Patty are interested in telescope viewing (think positive about a clear night sky) just let me know and I’ll give a call when we get there. I didn’t get any phone numbers for you or Patty, but feel free to forward the invitation, since she sounded interested in the short time we spoke. e-mail is fine until Wed. noon, then I will leave the computer behind for a few days…
    …cheers to you!

    • Hi Lois,

      It was great to meet you both too and I would have loved to be there for a telescope time, but I was out of town…:( Hopefully, there will be another time to get together when you are up here again. Also, I’d love to hear your music ensemble too!

      So good to make new friends!


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