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Long Life?

wellness green leaves sunshineA friend of mine (actually one of my Momma Joy sons) recently told me that he intended to live until he was 128. I like that attitude toward wellness. I want to live to be 102, so we talked.

We spoke about lifestyle, wellness, herbs, growing our own greens (no matter where we live) and other things like television, what to do with anger, frustration and other normal responses to life.

My advice about anger/frustration, etc. is to sit by a tree (or plant) and watch it grow.

With that in mind, I introduce you to my views on health and wellness.

I think you will find my wellness ideas different, refreshing, challenging and fun!

It’s how I thrived after I discovered the “breast lump that became my best friend.” More to come about that in the future.

So, in this section, I am going to share some of my deep wellness secrets about how to thrive in a world that doesn’t necessarily reward thriving.

Stay tuned to think about how YOU intend to live and long and healthy life in wellness!

And be sure to check out a few resources on my Wellness Recommendations page.


  1. Dear Joy,

    I have been trying to find you er music for Reading the Landscape film. After years we are about to determine music, whether the scratch music we’ve been using or, if you are still up for it, see how and what it might trigger in you and Michael. Email addresses I had no longer work. I leave on Monday for Australia and New Zealand, back end of December.

    I wish you sterling health and great peace.
    always love, Gilah

    • My Dearest Gila,

      My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. I just moved to Baja, Mexico, so I’ll talk to Michael soon and will get back to you about the film music after the holidays.

      Meanwhile, may every moment you breathe be filled with peaceful delight. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you again!


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