Grateful Music in the Moment

We survived the Mountain Fire with Gratitude

Last night at a wonderful birthday gathering in the Idyllwild area at the home of Barbara Reyliss, members of our community shared gratitude for what the firefighters and others did to “Hold the Line” on the horrendous Mountain Fire that threatened to destroy our beloved Idyllwild.

We shared poems, stories, a scene from Shakespeare, music and other artistic expressions. A young teen sang for us using only a plastic cup as her accompaniment. Barbara shared a touching song she wrote about the memory of her Grandmother’s hands; and others shared funny stories, card tricks, chants and prayers.

I was asked to share something, so I created a bit of my “Music in the Moment” Usually, when I do something like this, it is not recorded so that when people ask me if I have any video examples of what I do, I cannot give them anything.

This time I decided to get a recording of it. Mallory Cremin was kind enough to catch the music and the moment, telling me with a big smile, “I won’t do lighting for this!” Thanks, Mallory, for getting this moment on film, even though neither or us did any lighting!

When I told people that what I do is take words from the audience (or thin air), one person (Ruth Fountain) called out “grateful!”

The video above is what came out of the music in the moment from this night filled with gratitude. Thank you Barbara, for your warm hospitality and to all who shared it together.


  1. Hola Joy – I hope this is a good way to get in touch. I’m ready to start working on my voice. You can reach me via email (above) or cell 714-396-3529. I await your contact.

    Bill S

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