Singing Through Life

One of the Joy Sikorski Books

author Joy Sikorski book singing through life

100 Singing Mindset Sayings

For singers (professional or non-professional), choir members/directors, cantors, singing teachers, students or aficionados of singing.

“They say you cannot

make a living by singing.

I say you cannot truly

live without singing.”

(an excerpt from Joy Sikorski’s book)

“Singing Through Life

With Your Mouth Closed”

What People are saying:

  • “From facing your fears to facing yourself to letting go to why you sing, it covers it all. The sayings made me laugh, cry, and so many hit home that I will definitely be reading it over and over again.” – Marci Baun, editor-in-chief, Wild Child Publishing and Freya’s Bower
  • “Great insights into the process of singing and living life for everyone. The sayings are not just applicable to singers or musicians but for anyone who has a breath left in them and a voice to make a sound. “Singing Through Life With Your Mouth Closed” is for the singer, the song, the musician and the music in all of us. I love this book!” – Michael Silversher, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter
  • The whole concept of providing positive, inspirational sayings to ease our minds is something I’ve never come across in your everyday voice or lesson book. – Paul DiPrizito, Carlyle Collection Publishing

A must-have book for singers


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