Judah and Tamar Story

The Greatest Love Story Never Told

The ancient story of Judah and Tamar is based on the Biblical story from Genesis 38, but its characters and how they interact with one another could be part of any town or city in the world today. Oh, they might wear different clothing, not have smart devices, drive cars or even fly into space, but their needs, wants and desires are timeless.

And, if the truth be told, they are pretty dysfunctional too.

In fact, my co-author, Michael Silversher, has gone so far as to call the characters in the Judah and Tamar story part of “the original dysfunctional family!” And I agree with him.

You see, even though this “original dysfunctional family” engages in murder, lying, arrogance, incest and utter disgruntlement on the part of the family members in this Judah and Tamar story, it is ultimately about the greatest love story never told. A story about what happens when crucial choices are made regarding integrity, honesty with self and others, and just plain ol’ love.

Authors Joy Sikorski and Michael Silversher reveal a unique approach to the Judah and Tamar story that bring a satisfying outcome to this little talked about story from Genesis 38.

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