Jingjoy’s Feathers

Jingjoy’s Feathers – A Joy Sikorski and Rona Liu children’s book

Jingjoy is smaller than the size of six ladybugs but has a big problem to solve: how will she find her way out of the garden that holds her back from her dreams?

An excerpt

A Jingjoy's Feathers illustration by Rona Liu

Jingjoy gazed at the feather drifting lazily toward her.

“I guess I will go catch it,” she sighed wearily.

Jingjoy had lived alone in the garden for too many moon cycles to count and, quite frankly, she felt lonely and bored.

So she decided to go to a place in the garden she had not explored before.

“Perhaps I will find a pathway or door to take me out of here,” she mused as she pushed her way into a dark forest.

Amid tangled swirls of shapes and colors she found another feather, but no pathway.

Among leaves and flowers she found dazzling beauty, but no door.

She found a bridge, ladybugs and another feather, but not a way out of the garden.

“It’s hopeless,” she murmured as a single tear slid down her cheek.

Her shoulders slumped and her feet plunked along ever more heavily, but she forced herself to keep searching….

-end of excerpt for Jingjoy’s Feathers


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