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This Joy Sikorski books page is to let you know about my writing projects
Three of my books are published, as well as a short story and a poem.

image for tamar of the terebinthsTamar of the Terebinths (Book One, Judah and Tamar Trilogy)
is the first in the Judah and Tamar trilogy, which is loosely based on the extraordinary story in Genesis 38. Published in the Fall of 2013, my latest book, written in collaboration with Michael Silversher and edited by Adryan Russ with a book cover design by Rona Liu, it tells the story of Tamar, a young woman from the Middle Bronze era who is forced into a decision that will isolate her from all she loves. In the end, she has a set of unusual earrings that glow as though the moon shines within them to help her in her quest to be heard in a culture that doesn’t want to hear her.

baby mom voice book coverYour Voice Your Child – a must-have book for pregnant women, mothers with infants and all other mothers! Why? Because starting in pregnancy and during a crucial window of time after your baby is born, it is the quality (or lack of quality) of your voice that will shape your child’s voice for the rest of her life. Inside, discover bits of science behind the common sense skills you can learn to ensure that your child’s prospects for being heard and respected in the future, rather than being ignored or silenced. Equip yourself to successfully develop your child’s inborn readiness to speak and sing effectively.

singing joy sikorski bookSinging Through Life With Your Mouth Closed is published on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. It gives you valuable insights about your singing mindset and voice as well as your perspective about yourself and life. Many have benefited from it and I know you will too.

My short story and poem are published in the Inlandia Writers’ Anthology.

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