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They call me the Voice Liberator

joy_sikorski_voice_liberatorPeople who come to me to improve their voices for singing and speaking have told me that my approach is so very different that they never know quite how to describe what I do. For a long time, I didn’t know how to describe it either.

But now I do.

What I do is liberate voices. This approach goes way beyond what you might think of as voice teaching or training or coaching; way past the typical vocalize approaches and far beyond standard singing lessons. I gave up calling what I do “giving a Voice Lesson”. That ordinary term simply does not tell the true story.

I give Voice Liberation Sessions. Either individually or in group workshops, in person or online.

What we do is get down to the depths of your core and flip the switches on that let your voice come flying out of you with so much freedom and power that all you can do afterward is stand in awe or in goosebumps.

As the Voice Liberator, I’ve seen it happen to hundreds of people over and over again and they are truly never the same again. Swoosh go the hangups, the barriers, the fears, the holding back roadblocks that have stopped them from unabashedly communicating through singing or speaking who they are and what they feel, want and have to give.

Real quotes from real people. For privacy reasons, no full names.

I can hardly believe it. In one session you broke through the blockage I’ve had for over 33 years! W.S. in California

What you did with my voice was nothing short of amazing. You have not only truly liberated my voice, you have liberated me! E. in California

Thank you beyond words! KB in California

I finally found you and cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. T.R. in New York

Your teaching style makes people feel great, and you bring ‘joy’ to others. – Y.P in the U.S.

For the first time in my life I understand the difference between a nasal sound and a heart and throat sound! C.A. in Pasadena, CA

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